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Attic Clean-Up Service


Many homeowners need to replace attic insulation in order to install new insulation. There are several reasons insulation may need to be replaced. It may be outdated and causing high electricity bills, it may be contaminated by rodents, or covered with debris and dirt. Whatever the reason is we have the expertise and equipment to get rid of it!

We Do It All:

  • Attic Inspection
  • Three-phase Disinfect and Deodorize
  • Remove and Replace Insulation
  • Rodent and Pigeon Proofing

Pics from job in 2012. Entire attic was rodent infested.

If your attic has "blown" insulation, we use a high-powered vacuum system specifically designed for the removal process; 150 foot hose is connected to the vacuum which is positioned outside your home and large volume filter bags are used to collect the insulation. This process is not only efficient, but also keeps the home from being further contaminated by the insulation being removed from your attic or crawlspace.

We also remove insulation that comes in strips or rolls, commonly referred to as "batt" insulation. This type of insulation is simply rolled up and placed in large volume contractor bags. Removing this type of is much easier than removing the insulation mentioned above.

Once the insulation has been completely removed and we have decontaminated, disinfected, and deodorized the entire attic we are now ready to put in new insulation, clean the air ducts, and replace the air filters. We always use R-30 insulation in attics, following the recommendations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Should you have a rodent problem we take the time to find their entry points. Once each entry point has been determined, we make sure it is not only sealed properly, but also "rat/rodent proofed". Our highly trained crew members will block entry points with the proper materials to make sure you will not need to deal with a rodent problem again.

After removing the old insulation and installing new, cleaning air ducts, and replacing the air filters you will be sure to have a clean attic that's safe and energy efficient for you and your family.
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