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Spa Moving & Removal

Trusted Hauling & Cleanup has moved and removed over a thousand spas through the years. If you're buying or selling a spa, we can pick it up and deliver even if it requires a crane. If you have an old spa taking up space in your backyard we can get it out safe and clean!

We have the equipment and expertise to move or remove any size spa!  Gate access not big enough? No gate access? No problem! Our expert crane operators will lift your spa over a wall, fence, or house.

We Do The Following:
  • Relocate Spas (crane or dolly)
  • Remove and Dispose of Old Spas
  • Cut Up/Demolish Spas (difficult access situations)
  • Deliver Spas

We Arrive Prepared To:
  • Remove the water out
  • Safely disconnect the electrical connection 
  • Prep the pathway to ensure zero property damage
  • Clean up any and all aspects of the job